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Fauquier County, Virginia

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09/04/2011 01:37:06 AM

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The School Division installs flashing signs to saying the roadway is 25 MPH, when the roads are already posted at 25 MPH.  Cost $30,000.00.  Did the schools do a survey to see if drivers needed a reminder? (Click Here)
The Green News - August 31, 2011 (Click here)
The Green News - July 31, 2011 (Click here)
Department of Justice has questions about Fauquier County redistricting plan. (2011.06.02)
BOS - May 31, 2011  -  The BOS voted to accept the $10M loan.  After more than one hour the BOS voted 3 to 2, Stribling & Graham voted no.
The BOS will meet at "High Noon" to vote to accept or reject $10M in state funding.  The meeting will be in the Warren Green Bldg. (2011.05.31)
School Board - May 30, 2011  -  An email from Dr. Lewis -

Employees in the four employee groups to be addressed who are off scale currently are not slated to receive the 5% market scale adjustment.  All permanent full and part time employees who are returning next year or retiring will receive the one-time cash payment.(2011.05.30)

Jonathan Lewis  

BOS - May, 2011 - Fauquier HR department releases Classifaction and Compensation report for group 1 of county employees.    For a copy contact fauquier News and provide an email address. (2011.05.26)
Fauquier County -  Beth Ledgerton and Ross D"urso announce re-election try. (2011.05.24)
BOS - December 09, 2010 - Trumbo reappoints Reardon to WSA Board and Garreau to Planning Commission
County Landfill - October 22, 2010

The county landfill has accepted 112.07 tons of debris from the Marshall Livestock Exchange fire. The landfill fee of $5,603.50 has been waived by the Board of Supervisors and/or paid for by local taxpaying citizens. 

Vint Hill EDA - July 22, 2010

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Election 2011 - Marshall - Bob Zwick announces candidacy

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Election 2011 - Cedar Run - June 2, 2010 - Lynne Richman Cox announces Candidacy

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Election 2011 - Cedar Run - May 2010 - Lee Sherbeyn  announces Candidacy

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Election 2011 - Cedar Run - Jim Stone announces Candidacy.

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