5 Ways to Utilize Video to Engage Your Target Audience

Today’s ever-evolving world of content marketing is calling for new ways to engage potential customers in whatever it is that a company can offer. Attracting the attention of potential customers takes a lot of effort. But one thing is certain though- they act more positively after watching a video. Keeping that in mind, it is imperative therefore to use a video to engage your target audience.

The use of a video provides endless possibilities for you to keep the target market informed and give them information that they need.  Here are five ways to use a video in keeping your target audience engaged with the products and services that you offer.

1. Animated Videos

Who says animation is just for kids? It is also very entertaining to watch as adults.  It is visually appealing and provides endless possibilities of how to get a message across. It can give quick instructions on how to use your product; it can give viewers an idea of what you can offer and how you can help them in so many areas.

2. Branded Short Film

Creating a branded short film gives you more opportunity to develop a story that can touch your audience’s emotions. Since these brand company videos run for between a minute to four minutes, you have more time to convince them by appealing to their emotions. A company video is essential to a brand, as it helps cement your brand in your target audience’s brain. It serves as your way of talking to them, making them feel that you are listening to them even without meeting them personally.

3. Instructional Videos

Learning is a continuous process as they say. This is why making an instructional video is becoming so effective. Most consumers would watch an instructional video that gives information on a subject related to what they do. This way, an instructional video can serve as a way for you to get their trust and hopefully, turn them into valuable customers.

4. Customer Testimonials

What your current customer says about your products and services is a very effective way to convince new prospects to also try your brand. Ask some of your customers who patronize your product for so long and ask them if they are willing to film their testimonial on why they are satisfied in using your brand.

5. Public Service Announcement

This type of vide makes the audience feel that you are concerned about important news and events that affect the public. It changes the focus for a while from what is your product to how your product can contribute to the greater good.


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